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"We support this step towards reversing the FCC’s misguided approach and look forward to restoring a consistent approach to online privacy protection that consumers want and deserve."Opponents of the FCC's rules say they're too broad in scope.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) called the rules "heavy handed" and said they're tougher on ISPs than they are on online content providers.

As such, he said the rules amounted to "bad regulation," USA Today reports.

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Granted, lawmakers may find a way to thwart the resolution in the future, but since this is largely a partisan issue, it might be several years before that happens.

In the meantime, the joint resolution heads to the House."This resolution is a direct attack on consumer rights, on privacy, on rules that afford basic protection against intrusive and illegal interference with consumers' use of social media sites and websites that often they talk for granted," Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said in the Senate today, according to the Verge.

As written, ISPs and wireless carries such as Comcast and AT&T must get permission from customers in order to share their personal information, including which websites they frequent.

Senate just voted to overturn a set of privacy rules that were written in 2016 to prevent Internet service providers from sharing (selling, really) your Internet usage information, including your browsing history, The Washington Post reports. The rules only existed in the first place because the FCC implemented them last year, then under the leadership of chairman Tom Wheeler.

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