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It was not until recent that the error was found and Seagate has releases new firmware to fix the issue.*** Please Note *** This is Seagate's second attempt to release updated firmware.Seagate's first firmware update also caused hard drives to fail and brick.This is a walkthrough on how to upgrade the firmware on a Seagate Serial ATA hard drive.This page has reader reports on Seagate drive failures and firmware updates Seagate says will fix this (for drives that have not already had a failure - data is still intact Seagate says just not accessible by the end user if the drive fails.) The page was posted in reply to a readers FYI/link to seagate forum threads on a high number of infant failures (within a few months) for some models in the Jan. (Also noted in many dealer's website customer reviews/ratings.) See below for reader replies, several updates to Seagate's kbase doc on the issue w/firmware updates Although Seagate's main doc on Firmware Recommendations for Barracuda 7200.11, ES.2 SATA, and Diamond Max 22 Drives [207931] no longer links directly to them (after they updated it with model number/SN checks instead), here's some of the firmware update pages that were linked there previously: (later reports first) Readers with affected drives can send feedback on their experience.Last week, Seagate released a preventative firmware update for Barracuda 7200.11 drives affected by a faulty firmware which caused the drive to lock up and fail to be detected by the BIOS.But instead of making the drives more hardy, the firmware turned the fancy drives into magnetic bricks.Hundreds of drives are said to be affected, and a Seagate support forum thread is at 22 pages and rising.

However, there are many devices that do have available upgrades, although they may or may not be easily accomplished.

The utility ran but could not find the drive to patch. status: Verified I believe the previous Mac Pros machines had PATA for optical drives but there's only SATA in the new Mac Pro.

I did remove all other hard drives and did put the drive in the first bay. (2009's use SATA even for optical drives) I didn't look thoroughly to see if there was a PATA connection hiding anywhere, but other than not being able to salvage the burner from my dead G5, it's not a big deal.

The drive is still working but I am not looking forward to it failing unexpectedly, even with a Time Machine back up on a different brand drive. -Tom A." The 2009 Mac Pros have a new motherboard/chipset and wonder if that's a factor (i.e. I'd be curious if Seagate support has any useful comments on this (I'd report it to them also) but I doubt they've tested with any new machines like this.

Drive info below (per S/N check is an "affected" drive): Capacity: 931.51 GB (1TB model) Model: ST31000340AS Revision: SD15 (firmware version) Serial Number: 9QJ0VZ1P Native Command Queuing: Yes Queue Depth: 32 Bay Name: "Bay 1" Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table) S. If any other reader with a 2009 Mac Pro tries updating their Seagate HD firmware, let me know if you have better luck or not. (For the record I asked if all the drives were flagged as "affected" by Seagate's Serial Number check.) Yes, all the drives were flagged as affected by the Seagate Serial Number check.-George M."" Seagate 1.5TB (Retail box/recent bestbuy store purchase) "I bought two of these retail kits at best buy locally.

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