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And both started dating a same-sex partner after that.Going down the memory lane, in an interview in 2012 Fiona Shaw and her daughters expressed their feelings where she stated, The break up of my marriage and my coming out seven years ago happened when my children were just into secondary school.His avant-garde new film, Hotel, has been given a rip-roaring pasting by most of the critics, an experience he quietly understates as "painful, without a doubt".

Some works may describe a character's appearance in glowing terms and let readers realize for themselves that the character is quite attractive, while others are content to just tell us that they're beautiful and move on.For some tastes, her style is too mannered, and even I haven't always liked her performances - her Rosalind was too dry and her Millamant too nervy, while on the large or small screen she has seldom been allowed more than a two-dimensional comic turn.But I continue to think that for breadth, depth and height of emotional range, intelligence, imagination, wit and energy, as well as sheer generosity of spirit, she ranks as the greatest theatre actress of her generation.He has never liked his hair much; there was never anything he could do with it.He thought of shaving it all off, but has decided against it. "Because I have got a big head with lumps all over it," he says, a touch morosely. Despite his low-key cool - his beautiful, sweeping cashmere coat, which he bought as a treat when his film Leaving Las Vegas became a hit, his Prada shoes, Phat Farm jeans and soft blue shirt - he is usually described in newspapers as a bohemian, and he thinks his wayward, mad professor hair is entirely to blame. These are not the best of times to meet British film director Figgis.

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He was born in Kenya, but his family moved to Newcastle when he was 10 years old and he grew up there.

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