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You may not live on campus, but our campus has plenty of life. You don't have to be a student to be a part of the college. Basic concepts covered include double-entry bookkeeping and examination of basic financial reports such as the balance sheet, statement of owner's equity and income statement.

The life you live outside the classroom is as important to your education as lectures, papers and projects. We're as connected to our community as we are committed to our students. Emphasis on cash receipts, cash disbursements, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

You can find a great deal of relevant information/description about yourself through reading about your Zodiac sign. Air – The air element (like fire but with a different emphasis) desires freedom. The water element (like earth but with a different emphasis) needs security.

These TEMPORARY mobile apps will let you use Mouse on your Android and i OS devices. In the mean time, install the app, and when asked for the "site URL", enter: https:// is dedicated to Disney fans.

Traditional internet dating sites don't understand the passion people have for all things Disney. You don't need to live near a Disney Park to find someone like you.

Use this as a tool to navigate quickly to info you need the most. Value and versatility are hallmarks of an SCC education.

Take it one step further and click the star in the top right corner to ensure your favorite pages remain on your list of Visited Pages. You can rise to the challenge of higher education here without the fear of falling into a mound of debt.

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They prefer to return, however, to a reserved albeit benign ambiance, not wishing to make spectacles of themselves.

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