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Lapo Elkann blazes into his office on Milan’s Corso Venezia at a hot clip, a few minutes late, issuing a gracious, “Sorry, gentlemen”, in his cigarette-etched rasp.

Trays of espresso appear for the people in the office.

The new suit is a peacocky double-breasted chalk stripe and could almost pass as bankerly.

Note from a Visiting Rotarian on June 11, 2014: “Thanx for the warm hospitality shown by your club’s Rotarians.Elkann slams one down, then another, burns through a couple of Marlboros, rifles through a few papers on and off his desk, issues a few orders and begins to undress.Really undress, as in whipping off his jacket, shoes and pants. This much can be simply stated: Elkann approximates the effect of an intense weather cell, one of those heaven-reaching water-spouts that occasionally wreak havoc on the Mediterranean. Many things fly by in the vortex around the man: People, ideas, pens, paper, cigarettes, eyeglasses, coffee, more coffee, his Juventus football club lighter (his family has owned the team since 1923), a couple of phones and, right this minute, his pants.Recipients are selected for their volunteer efforts carried out within all five avenues of service which are club, community, international, youth and vocational service.I am pleased to introduce Perry Henderson as this year’s recipient.

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Today’s visit to the Rotary Club of Madison will always remain a memorable day in my life.

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