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She is said to have been in a live-in relationship with her girlfriend for quite some time now.Even her social networking sites are filled with her girl pals rather than any suggestive guys.From 1992-96, she has played golf in Australia, Europe, and Asia as a professional. She is graduated in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History.Because of her fantasy and closeness with golf, she was hired by the Golf Channel as their course reporter.The Ohio native made his first appearance in the Masters Tournament after winning the 2016 Shell Houston Open.Scott Van Pelt is popular as an American sports talk show host and sportscaster. As Pelt was born in Maryland, he attended Sherwood High School in Sandy Spring, Maryland.She was brought up in such environment so she fancied playing golf.She had attended Duke University where she used to play golf.

She is engaged in the Golf channel as an anchor since 2007. Tilghman was the first female lead golf announcer for PGA Tour.47-year-old Tilghman is not only famous for her impeccable reporting skills, but she is also often popping up in our news with her notoriously secretive personal life.Rory Mc Ilroy is the favorite going into the week, while Jordan Spieth is going for the career grand slam. The Illinois native has hit both his wife and mother with golf shots in competition.Golf Channel's Will Gray and Jay Coffin break down Jordan Spieth's incredible victory at The Open. Open, Golf Channel's Will Gray spoke with Tour player, three-time U. Golf Channel's Will Gray, Tripp Isenhour, and Brian Bateman preview the 2017 Players Championship.

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In the University, won the scholarship in women’s golf team.

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