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Australia was among the first to bring criminal charges against young people for sexting.

In 2007, according to The Age newspaper, 32 teenagers were charged with child pornography offences in Victoria state.

In many countries, including Canada, 'sexting' can be considered a crime if the persons portrayed are minors.

The recent child pornography charges laid against two 18-year-olds in the tragic case of Rehtaeh Parsons in Nova Scotia have renewed debate in this country about how to deal with the texting or online posting of sexually suggestive images of minors by their peers, whether it's done with or without consent.

And of that 47 percent, about one in 10 have sent a "not suitable for work" message to the wrong person. However, anecdotally, people extend the definition to include sexually explicit and suggestive words as well.

The resulting statistics -- although limited since they only refer to sexts containing photos -- give us a good jumping off point with which to understand how many adults are taking part in this sort of behavior.

If the recipient provides this information, it can be used to steal his or her identity.

Do not provide personal information in response to an unsolicited e-mail.

Studies show that sexting has become a common practice among teens and young people.

And it has led to child pornography charges in some countries, even against teens who were romantically involved and consensually exchanged intimate photos.

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