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She'll chat with you endlessly about your interests.And she'll have sex whenever you please -- as long as her battery doesn't run out.Roxxxy won't be available for delivery for several months, but Hines is taking pre-orders through his Web site, True, where thousands of men have signed it is with condom maker Skyn’s Facebook Messenger-based voice analyzer, a chat bot that rates voices by sensuality, mystery, intensity and sophistication.

The system can distinguish between male and female voices, and interpret multiple languages, including English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish. It isn’t clear how the analysis works (how does one measure “mystery”? We tried it twice and the percentages changed, though overall results were more or less the same—mysterious and sensual, while hopelessly wanting in sophistication and intensity. The bot then kicks you to Skyn’s website, where you can check out which of its condom boxes suit you best.

(In case you wondered—because we did—the main difference between “Feel Everything” and “Not Safe for Work” is that the latter has similar quick-shots of passionate lovemaking, except with more ass-grabbing.

Meanwhile, “Safe for Work” still has sexy quick-shots, but it’s mostly intimate giggling and sheet-grabbing.) Below is “Feel Everything” in “Feel Everything” mode.

Who do we share ourselves with and what exactly are we sharing?

These hypothetical questions remind me of a favorite quote from a song I love: The television went from being a babysitter to a mistress Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping a distance ’til we just stayed distant and never touched Now all we do is text too much — Sage Francis, The Best of Times Thoughts, ideas, pictures, and videos can all now be shared privately with passion partners.

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But Roxxxy takes virtual companionship to a new level.

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