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The busy street is renowned for its high-end retail offerings, with Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Prada, Ralph Lauren and Gucci among dozens of expensive stores filled with shoppers on a daily basis.

Google's glitch does not appear to occur if users search for a specific address on Collins Street, and the issue does not affect all users.

Those calling for abolition of the practice call Selassie a or “a slave of the shrine.” The women lack freedoms, they say, are forced into physical labor and sexual relations with the priests.

And so they have made it their mission to eradicate this practice and to “liberate and rehabilitate” the women and girls through vocational training and Christian counsel.

Not so among some communities in Ghana, where women are sometimes blamed for their husbands’ deaths, kicked out of the family homes or forced to undergo humiliating “widowhood” rituals.A Google Streetview of a nearby road is lined with tin-roofed huts, with children playing at the side of the street.The road is somewhat different to Melbourne's Collins Street, which according to Google is 'known for its grand Victorian architecture, prestigious boutiques and high-end retailers'.I immediately walked to another prostitute who was younger and slimmer.Leaning on a kiosk behind the Obra Spot, Sophia (this and all the other names in this article are not the real names of the persons referred to) stretched her hand and demanded GH¢10 before talking to me.

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