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The employer letter with vacation dates and declaration that your position is available for you to resume after your vacation is a very strong tie to the home country (in this case USA).

You could also be approved without the letter, even unemployed people do get approved, however it is a good criteria on which to deny you if the officer so chooses.

They’re victimized by predatory lenders who trap them in a cycle of debt and rob them and their communities of scant resources.

They’re denied access to the social safety net by politicians who stigmatize low-income workers and blame them for our country’s problems.

I am planning on applying for a short stay Schengen visa (France) for tourism. To apply for a short stay Schengen visa the following documents are mentioned under "proof of socio-economic status": ) in my Indian passport (2014-2015).

The issue of China’s desired MES status is an area of current debate due to “countless allegations- in the form of trade cases and other trade complaints and disputes- levied by the US and the EU against China since its accession to the WTO in 2001, essentially maintaining that China does not yet operate as a market economy.” The US and the EU both argue that because China’s economy and the role of its government within its economy operate differently to the majority of traders on the world stage.

Therefore, China is effectively able to produce a surplus, and export the products at a much cheaper price than its trading partners.

China’s argument rests on a specific sentence in Section 15 of the Protocol which states that “in any event”(1) the second provision above “shall expire 15 years after the date of accession”(1), therefore on the December 11 2016.

If China was successful in its claim to be awarded MES in the near future the country would be invited to enjoy the same market status as the US and EU when it comes to anti-dumping investigations before the WTO, an area of great controversy in international trade.

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