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Dating is actually a pretty recent phenomenon, in the grand history of civilization.

It wasn't until the 19th century that launching a relationship had anything to do with love and attraction.

We also have communities with sex clubs and weekly orgies where anonymous sex is common and encouraged.

The dating cultures in different communities are thus considerably varied. Some people will be offended you asked them out because of your race or your perceived status.

Some people will be offended you asked them out because they will think you "objectified" them or they have been taught to view sex as a dirty thing.

This also gives the people who would be interested in you the chance to say "yes," because most women in the United States are not comfortable approaching men, and in the more conservative parts, the social consequences of them doing so are especially pronounced.

When I've done cold approaches in the past (always in bars and clubs), I've tended to open with "you guys seem fun, can I join you?

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  1. I tried serial dating and yeah I could do it but I certainly didn’t like it. It’s a’s just not my style.) In fact, after so many failed attempts at building a relationship, I have fantasized about being this awesome, smooth player that went around flipping her hair and destroying hearts. I set out to conquer…….then somewhere along the way I realized I didn’t really want to conquer either and sometimes I don’t even want to date. Some days I’m fierce and independent and strong and other days I am lonely and fearful that I will never find real love.