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Ladd continued as CHUM program director until May 1958 when he was replaced by Allan Slaight.In 1960, Ladd was hired to do programming for WONE Pleasantville, New Jersey.Because there’s only so much one can learn about ’50s clothing from movies like , I compiled the ultimate checklist for the ’50s fashion lover to use when compiling her ultimate ’50s “lady” style wardrobe.See if you own what’s on the list – and what pieces you may want to buy vintage next!They consisted of one transistor, three resistors and one capacitor, a far cry from the tiny chip of today that can hold 125 million transistors. The first stored program computer This brings us to the very first stored program computer, EDSAC.While sitting just outside the boundaries of the 1950s in that it delivered its very first computation in 1949, it was in the 1950s that modifications to this computer made history.

The first commercially viable microchips were released by the Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation in 1961 and were about the size of your baby finger.

Whether you love the ’50s for its female-forward fashion or to channel some of that sexy West Coast rockabilly vibe into your closet today, I swear that there’s a little bit of something in the era for every woman. I can’t wait for my next ’50s vintage purchase – what about you?

Let me know what you love most about ’50s clothing in the comments, or by saying hello on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by subscribing to my newsletter!

Sacred mechanical statues built in Egypt and Greece were believed to be capable of wisdom and emotion.

Hermes Trismegistus would write "they have sensus and spiritus ...

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